September 24, 2019 1 min read

Available in the Winchcombe Gallery and online.

The unique exhibition boasting work by the world famous artist Pablo Picasso will be on exhibit and for sale. Included is a suite of 20 hand-coloured Pochoir prints representing key periods in Picasso's life.Published in 1955 after paintings made between 1904 and 1953, these rare prints represent key periods in Picasso’s life.

Pochoir was used by artists, in conjunction with other mediums such as engraving or lithography as a means of adding colour to a print. Compared to other reproduction techniques, the realism of the colours is the most striking mark of the pochoir. Each piece is unique because it is done by hand, which creates an image that is often indistinguishable from the artist’s original. It is both labour intensive and time consuming, making it an expensive and slow process of printmaking.

A vintage skirt & top set dating from the 1950s will be on show. The fabric was designed by Picasso for a series by Fuller Fabrics.