May 20, 2022 2 min read

Introducing our luxury scented candles that smell as beautiful as they look. Fill your home with delicious aromas that invigorate, restore or relax, depending on your mood. Each candle is made by hand, using the finest essential oils to stimulate the senses.

Alongside the lavish and timeless Italian fragrances of Dr. Vranjes, you’ll find our very own Barnbury candles, gorgeous scents that are now part of our signature brand collection.

The Barnbury Candle Collection

Create a memorable ambience with the Barnbury Candle Collection, inspired by aromas from the East, using 100% natural candle wax loaded with essential oils (a much higher percentage that you would find in other candles.)

The range was created in 2017, after many enjoyable hours working alongside an artisan perfumer to deliver our first four distinctive scents. Hand-poured in the UK using sustainable and totally natural wax and essential oils, we couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product which is presented in a metallic embossed presentation box.  

Burning all day long in our shop (maximum burn time is 50 hours), the aroma is now synonymous with Barnbury elegance and style.

The Barnbury Candle Collection

Choose from four exciting scents; The Sultan’s Palace, Persian Pardis, Memoirs of Assam and Medina Nightfall.

Medina Nightfall- Enveloping
White blossom, Nutmeg & Tonka evoke a warm sunset over an intoxicating Medina as the potent blossom is carried on the cool breeze. Fresh, floral and invigorating.

The Sultan's PalaceSensual
Deep and sensual, The Sultan's Palace will transport you to more exotic climes with relaxing notes of Oud and Saffron alongside spicy Grapefruit and Caraway for freshness. 

Persian PardisTranquility
Indulge in the deeply sensual notes of jasmine, neroli, musk and amber transporting you to memorable moments of peace and tranquility. Hints of crisp grapefruit and mint add a zing to this scent.

Memoirs of Assam - Peace
If you're seeking a touch of Zen....look no further. This is our 'peace' candle designed for total relaxation thanks to earthy vetiver and warming bergamot. 

The Barnbury Candle Collection

The Dr. Vranjes Collection

Shop the Dr. Vranjes rangeof diffusers and room sprays lovingly made in their Florentine laboratory since 1983. Founded by master perfumer Paolo Vranjes and his wife Anna Maria, Dr. Vranjes products take their inspiration from Florence and the rich flora and fauna of the surrounding Tuscan countryside. This is where they gather the finest essential oils which are bottled in a Duomo shaped vessel, using ancient techniques.

One of the brands most popular fragrances is Rosso Nobile, a scent inspired by the rich fragrance of red wine – it’s available as a reed diffuser, refill and room spray.Other fragrances include Zafferano, Ginger Lime, Oud Nobile, Ambra, Green Flowers, Melograno and Terra – all reminiscent of the Tuscan hills.

We’re delighted to have been selected as an official UK stockist.

Dr. Vranjes Candle Collection from Barnbury

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