Cire Trudon Salta Scented Candle

Cite Trudon Salta scented candle is part of ‘Les Belles Matières’ collection which celebrates the most beautiful single note ingredients from around the world.

The Cire Trudon Salta scented candle is a mouth-watering citrus which literally bursts into the air, surrounding you with the scent of sweet, effervescent grapefruit, sherbet-dipped verbena and fresh, floral hyacinth.

Energetic and vibrant, this sparkling combination of flavour and fragrance stimulates a sense of wanderlust, transporting you to the beautiful province of Salta in Argentina and conjuring up a place where the sun-warms your skin, the sky is bright blue, and all your senses are intensified. From the moment the flame flickers, Salta instantly takes you on a journey, filling your home with a deliciously uplifting blend of scent, colour and escapism.

Top: Verbina

Heart: Grapefruit

Base: Hyacinth

Size: 270 grams

Material: 100% vegetable-based wax scented candle with pure cotton wick, Glass
Burning time: from 60 - 70 hours

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