Dr Vranjes Candles from Barnbury

In 1999, master perfumer Paolo Vranjes chose to enter the world of artistic perfumery by creating home fragrances: “Olfactory emotions are almost never connected to a personal fragrance. Far more often they are linked to the fragrance of an atmosphere, a place, a moment.” he explains. Among his most well-known olfactory decorations is Rosso Nobile. It was inspired by a dear friend, who was convinced that no-one could recreate the fragrance of red wine, but was forced to change his mind in the face of the undeniable result.

The latest addition to the Dr Vranjes brand is a sensational collection of decorative scented candles. The beautiful coloured glass votives in which the candles are housed adopts a form inspired by, and carefully created to follow, the lines of the Duomo in Florence, Italy.

The Dr Vranjes candle collection launches with 4 favourites, Ginger Lime, Rosso Nobile, Oud Nobile and Melograno. Made with a blend of essential oils and created in the Florence, Italy.

Dr Vranjes candles are now available to purchase online at Barnbury.com or from our Cotswolds showroom.


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