Ideo Le Fleur di Mexique Scented Candle

Ideo Le Fleur di Mexique Scented Candle


The man looked at the yellowed paper coming out of his pocket. It was a letter from his cousin inviting him to emigrate and join him. A neighbor had also talked to him about this Mexico were many had left to find a better future. From the deck of the boat, he could now see the first lights of his new life. Someone handed him a tuberose flower. He was told that its scent would open the doors to this new world. He discovered a carnal and enchanting fragrance, a sensual universe that captures those who dare to take the journey.


The Ideo Parfumeurs scented candles are made in Grasse, France from the best material available: cotton wix and all natural perfumes in a chic hand-tainted glass. They smell simply amazing and last 40 hours.


  • 40 hours clean burning time
  • 100% cotton wick
  • All noble materials
  • Unique fragrance created in Grasse, France by Master Perfumer Ludmila Bitar
  • 180 grs / 6.3 oz

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