Ideo Jasmin de Beyrouth Scented Candle

Ideo Jasmin de Beyrouth Scented Candle


Spring 1880. The boat finally docked at the port of Beirut. The elegant women mingled with peddlers, Ottoman policemen with French travelers, and British businessmen with Arab traders. The intense noise of all these languages easily covered the shouts of the already overwhelmed customs guards. But a few meters away, was paradise. The perfumes from the Beirut jasmines mixed with the scents of the floral fields surrounding the city. From the gardens, the many gardenia flowers added a strong, addictive and silky sensuality.

Live the voluble, but always delicate, beauty of this Mediterranean port.


The Ideo Parfumeurs scented candles are made in Grasse, France from the best material available: cotton wix and all natural perfumes in a chic hand-tainted glass. They smell simply amazing and last 40 hours.


  • 40 hours clean burning time
  • 100% cotton wick
  • All noble materials
  • Unique fragrance created in Grasse, France by Master Perfumer Ludmila Bitar
  • 180 grs / 6.3 oz

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