Chagall Exhibition

Barnbury is proud to be able to bring the works of Marc Chagall to Winchcombe

Chagall Exhibition

Marc Chagall was born in Belarus in 1887. His family, which included eight other children, was devoutly Jewish. The young Chagall attended the heder (Jewish elementary school) and later went to the local public school, where he developed an early interest in art. After studying painting, he left Russia for Paris in 1907, where he lived in an artist colony on the city’s outskirts. He composed his images based on emotional and poetic associations, rather than on rules of pictorial logic. Predating Surrealism, his early works, such as I and the Village (1911), were among the first expressions of psychic reality in modern art.

After returning to Vitebsk for a visit in 1914, the outbreak of WWI trapped Chagall in Russia. He returned to France in 1923 but was forced to flee the country during WWII. Finding asylum in the U.S., Chagall became involved in set and costume design before returning to France in 1948.

In 1977 Chagall received the Grand Medal of the Legion of Honor, France’s highest accolade. That same year, he became one of only a handful of artists in history to receive a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre. In 1985 he died in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, aged 97.

Our collection of original lithographs include The Bible Series, created by Chagall between 1931 & 1939 after his visit to the Holy Land. Others depict Chagall's love of Paris, dance and scenes from the circus. All were printed in Paris by the legendary atelier of Fernand Mourlot. 

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